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Drone Retrieval

If you fly quadcopters, then sooner or later you’re probably going to get it stuck in the canopy of a tree. It might happen due to inexperience or just by sheer bad luck. The Gibbs Tree Service is always there to help anybody who has got something stuck in a tree.

If it’s not extremely high, shaking the branch from the ground works. The chances of recovery are much less if your drone is well over 50 ft in the treetop. You need not attempt rescues which are beyond your physical or mechanical abilities. No matter how high of the ground it may be, we can help you to get your stuff back in your hands.

Has you drone accidently been flown into the tree top? Or, it’s still stuck having tried techniques like shaking the tree? Don’t you panic! Simply call us for drone retrieval. This could be a value if your drone is expansive. Whether your drone is in an easily climbable tree or, much more than 50 feet or so up, you’ll get your drone with dropping it. Our experienced and trained climbers have the expertise and safety equipment to get your drone safely to you.

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