Pet Rescue

Having your beloved pet stuck in a tree or shrub can be unnerving and extremely stressful for you. Little kittens often get themselves to the highest tree branches and then find it difficult to get down. A kitten can be so scared that it doesn’t realize it’s capable of climbing down safely.

It’s extremely dangerous for anyone to handle such a scared pet while climbing a tree. You need someone with both climbing experience and proper equipment. Professional help is also needed when you’ve given the pet enough time to come down but, it seems unlikely to do that.

Has your pet got into this trouble? Do you need professional help for pet rescue? Don’t be a second victim! If your pet appears unable or unwilling to come down by itself, just give us a call. Gibbs Tree Service is here for you anytime, to help you rescue your pet. We know that this is an emergency and would be able to come out to you in no time. With our expertise and specialized equipment, our professionals will bring down your cat quickly and safely.


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